Our mission is to maintain and enhance the safety and security of neighborhoods in the Shadow Creek Ranch master planned community, through continued education of our residents, dissemination of important information, and patrolling of our neighborhoods to identify and report suspicious behavior.


Membership in the SCR Neighborhood Watch group is open to all eligible residents, business owners, and members of the community organizations who live or conduct business within the neighborhoods of Shadow Creek Ranch community and current property owners within the community.


SCR Town Hall 1/26/17

Pearland PD, in connection with First Service Residential and SCRMA, sponsored a Partnership in Crime Prevention Town Hall Meeting on January 26th for Shadow Creek Ranch residents.

The meeting was well attended by SCR residents (estimates are over 300 attended).  The agenda is attached, and the meeting began with introductions of participants.

*NOTE: Due to equipment issues, there is no audio for the videos related to the first part of the meeting (the formal presentations).  We have thus omitted those videos (Parts 1 & 2) and apologize for the technical difficulties.  A brief overview of those presentations is below*

Officer Jeff Evans began the evening discussing the two most recent violent crimes, the homicide involving a homeowner and the shooting in the parking lot of the basketball courts.  Although no detailed information could be provided due to the ongoing investigations, Officer Evans and Pearland PD confirmed these were isolated, targeted incidents, and not random acts of violence.   Officer Evans then ran through the crime stats for the area as shown in the attached images.  In general, overall crime in the neighborhood has decreased year over year; however, violent crime has seen a sharp uptick, but is still relatively low for a community of our size.  The two major changes in violent crime were aggravated assault and robbery.   Questions were raised re: the calls to the basketball courts.  A discussion ensued that explained the confusion some residents had over the large number of “security checks” at the courts.  These are not reports by residents to the non-emergency line, but rather stops by PPD during ordinary patrols to further examine the area and assess whether anything illicit is occurring.  The actual number of reports by residents to PPD about the courts is small.  Another concern raised during this discussion pertained to the lack of reporting to AISD of the incident.  Lt. Lopez admitted that fell on PD’s shoulders, and that the department has since had discussions with AISD and will continue to develop a comprehensive list of public and private schools and daycares that should be notified when incidents occur nearby.  Officers Evans and Cohen, both SCR residents, concluded the Incident Discussion by stating they have no concerns about their families sleeping at night in Shadow Creek Ranch – the incidents were not random, and SCR is generally safe.  SCRMA President and Maria Shaw with FSR both attempted to answer specific questions regarding the courts; however, resident jeers and heckling prevented any useful discussion.  However, SCRMA President noted that no decision would be made until the SCRMA board meeting in February.  One option is to re-secure the courts and add signage stating Private Property – this gives PPD more power to check ID’s and take action against non-residents.

Pearland PD continued with a discussion of their policing methods.  Just a couple of weeks ago, the patrol districts were redrawn.  Section C now covers west of 288 to 521 and north to BW8.  The number of patrol officers has increased from 4 to 6 for our section.  They also discussed the use of DDACTS, which is their Data Driven Approach to Crime and Traffic Safety.  Officer Wells gave a lengthy presentation on crime prevention as it pertains to your person and home.  We won’t go into detail on those here as most have already been covered in previous neighborhood watch meetings and presentations.  The information is either already posted on this site, or soon will be.

*VIDEO begins here – see links at end*

Michael McManus gave a brief overview of the Neighborhood Watch group and its activities.  Please consider volunteering for block captains, patrols or to serve as an officer.  The group is calling for assistance in stepping up patrols, encouraging block captains to organize block parties to get to know your neighbors and will continue to provide safety and security training to residents, such as through the SCR Self Defense classes and through firearm education and range outings.

Q&A session began.  Please view linked videos for the Q&A.

Arrests in Homeowner Murder

Great Job Pearland PD!!!!

From the Pearland Police Department:

Police Make Arrests in Residential Shooting

Pearland, Texas – On January 22nd, 2017 at approximately 7:10 pm Pearland Police responded to calls of shots fired at a home located in the 2100 block of Windy Shores Drive in the Shadow Creek Subdivision. Upon arrival police found a deceased male inside.

Detectives now have three suspects in custody. Investigators have arrested Jarret Angst (20 yoa) and Stephen Heiman (21 yoa) in the death of 39-year-old Don Allen Weido. Angst and Heiman have been charged with Murder, a First Degree Felony. Also arrested was Rita Young (56 yoa). Young has been charged with Capital Murder, a Capital Felony.

The investigation remains ongoing and releasing any other information at this time would jeopardize the investigation. Anyone with additional information is asked to contact Detective C. Arnold of the Pearland Police Department at 281-997-4100.


Reporting Crime Online

Did you know that you can report certain crimes online?  Using the Pearland Police Department’s P2C portal, you can report: (1) credit/debit card abuse, (2) theft, (3) criminal mischief/vandalism, and (4) lost property to the Pearland Police.  As our city grows and the department has an increasing workload, we as citizens should be considerate of our officers’ time.  Rather than calling the non-emergency number for an officer to report these types of incidents, click here to access the portal to report them yourselves:  https://p2c.pearlandpd.com/ReportIncident/IncidentEntry_Disclaimer.aspx



Your security camera is a crimefighter!

Did you know your security camera might help solve a crime against your neighbor?  Most camera systems are always recording, while some only react to motion.  It’s possible that YOUR camera caught the guys who just broke into your neighbor’s home and crossed your yard to escape.

Registering your security cameras allows Pearland PD to know where cameras are near a crime scene that may have valuable footage of the perpetrators.  You can do your part to fight crime by registering your security cameras here:  https://legacy.crimereports.com/camera_registration#/

EDIT: This includes non-traditional security cameras, such as the newer video doorbells such as those offered by Ring.com.  In fact, footage from these video doorbells has been used to solve some recent Pearland area crimes.


Ring.com Products Group Buy Opportunity

A good safety investment for your home is a video doorbell.  These devices allow you to see and talk to someone at your door over your smartphone from anywhere.  Depending on the device and your choice of service, the device may also be able to detect motion and record activity for viewing later.

One of the more robust and well-developed of these is the Ring.com doorbell.  Ring has also recently come out with an entire suite of products, including security cameras.  One of our SCR residents, Jonathan Espinosa, has contacted Ring.com about creating a group buy opportunity for SCR residents.  See Jonathan’s message below.  If you are interested in being notified about the group purchase opportunity (tentatively scheduled for February 18th), email president@scrwatch.org with the subject “Ring Doorbell Group Buy” and we’ll email you with details once the opportunity is finalized.  **If you have already replied to Jonathan’s post on either of the Facebook groups, there is no need to contact us here.**

From Jonathan:

Neighbors!!! Ring Doorbell: $50 off – So after so much talk/interest about Ring Doorbells, I started thinking of getting one. I remembered Costco had it for sale with a $40 discount, but the time I decided, it was back to original price. So, I called the corporate office and said I was interested along with others, but felt we needed a group price to really get buy in. After much discussion, Ring is willing to send a corporate account manager from Santa Monica,CA, to show us all the products, answer questions, suggest different products based on individual needs(meeting details TBD). They would come out at their own expense, provide drinks and snacks, along with a raffle prize for attendees. If we get enough interest as a community.

With that, I am polling the community to see who would like to purchase the Ring Doorbell(or some of their other products), at a $50 discount. We would also get a FREE solar security sign($50 value), with purchase of Doorbell.

Take a look at the pricing sheet attached… Can you all comment if you would find this beneficial and be interested in attending a meet with Ring?

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